So, you want to celebrate the birth of your child in a ceremony, but you’re not practising any religion?  Celebrating a baby naming day could be the perfect solution.

Simply put, a naming day is a symbolic celebration that requires no licences and has no legalities. A naming ceremony can take any format that you choose. It can be a simple welcome to the world, a formal naming of your child, or a blessing for your baby and family. It is also a time for you to make certain promises and commitments to your child, and for other important people in your child’s life to give well wishes, and pledge their support.

You could simply choose Gratitude as a theme  for your naming ceremony – being thankful for the blessing of your child, and also the friends and family that surround you. The readings throughout your ceremony can reflect this, and you can include lots of family and close friends in the service itself. Naming Ceremonies are not just for babies either!

A lot of people choose to combine a ceremony with a  child’s first birthday but children of any age can have a naming ceremony. You can hold your ceremony in any location – your home or garden, a local park, beach or hired venue.