Naming Ceremonies


Celebrate the arrival of your new baby

Congratulations and welcome to the world little one(s)! A very precious addition to the family and how beautiful to choose a special ceremony to officially name them in a truly meaningful way and to share your hopes and dreams for your baby’s future.

Never a ‘One size fits all’ approach as we are all so very different.

I create beautiful, bespoke ceremonies to really mark this wonderful naming occasion and I will make sure this day mirrors the joy and pride everyone feels.

Adoption Welcoming

How wonderful that you are now able to celebrate this special gift of Adoption with your friends and family. Being a chosen child is so very special and I assure you the ceremony will be no less.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to be welcomed and celebrated as your new family member, if you wish you can introduce them to ‘Guideparents’ and share your aspirations and dreams for their happy future in the family.

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A new identity celebration

The changing of a name to signify the transition to a new identity following gender reassignment, is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with those most dear to you. 

I can create a beautiful ceremony, completely bespoke, held anywhere you wish, day or evening. Reflecting your personality, hopes and dreams and shared with your special friends and family, the occasion will mark such an exciting and important change in your life. Anything goes, so we can ensure the celebration fits perfectly to YOU.